Kanootin mitat - reklamaatiotarina 2004

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Kanootin mitat - reklamaatiotarina 2004

ViestiKirjoittaja Jaakko Mäkikylä » 24 Maalis 2010 21:26


tuossa syksyllä huomasin, että kanoottini ei ole tilatuissa
(esitteen) mitoissa ja reklamoin siitä tehtaalle. Vähän piti
vääntä kättä, mutta tänään tuli jo ystävällinen kirje:

Kirjeessä viitataan kevlar-malliin. Koska kerroin huomanneeni
ero verratessani omaa kanoottiani kevlariseen. Tosiasiassa
mitoissa oli 5-7 sentin erot esitteen mittoihin.

Jenkit kohtelivat kuin pahaista eskimoa, mutta kun äyskäisin
saksalaiselle EU-maahantuojalle, niin alkoi tapahtua.

Tässä kirje kokonaisuudessaan:

Dear Jaakko:

Thank you for purchasing a Bell Wildfire Royalex canoe. It's
regrettable you found disappointment with your purchase. I'd
like to take a moment to clarify the sources of your confusion
and propose a different solution to this issue.

As you have discovered, the composite and Royalex versions of
the Wildfire do not exhibit the same measurements. From the
earliest design concepts, the Royalex version of this canoe was
intended to share measurements as closely as possible to those
of its composite counterpart. However, when the Royalex Wildfire
was introduced in Fall 2000, a few slight changes had to be made
to the hull's shape to ensure a quality product. These changes
were due to the materials differences between composite and Royalex.

Royalex is less rigid than composite materials and is subject to
greater flex when used in flat areas of canoe hulls. To
compensate for this property, our designer David Yost added more
arch to the bottom of the hull. This added slightly more (bow to
stern) rocker to the canoe. The arch was also carried up the
sides of the hull through the shoulders, resulting in a
narrower beam and gunwale width. Differences may also be noted
between the composite and Royalex versions of the MorningStar
tandem. In both cases, it was our goal to preserve the exact
measurements of the composite models.
However, when designs are adapted to new materials adjustments
to specifications are inevitable.

We felt these changes were minor enough that the canoes could
share the Wildfire name and common specifications. Royalex and
composite Wildfires have fulfilled the needs of thousands of
canoeists seeking the most versatile solo canoe available. These
subtle measurement discrepancies are not hidden. We regularly
share the details with customers via telephone and
email. However, all solo canoe customers can rest assured that
both the composite and Royalex Wildfires are equally at home in
the same bodies of water and will outperform paddlers'
expectations time after time.

In correspondence with Joerg Wagner of Wooden Boat, you
indicated you received "a product with a defect." You may be
assured your Wildfire is in no way defective. It is built to the
same specifications that all Royalex Wildfires are built. You
did not receive the only one that has different measurements.
All Royalex Wildfires differ slightly in specifications from
composite Wildfires, as noted in the explanation above.

I'd like to propose a solution: Bell Canoe Works will promptly
send you uncut thwarts and a new seat to replace the existing
parts shipped with your canoe. These will require trimming, but
are completely customizable. We will ship these at no charge so
that you can alter the measurements of your boat to your liking.
We design our hulls and determine outfitting and seat
placements in a way that will optimize performance for most
customers. Different paddlers have different styles though, and
a canoe may certainly be "tuned" to accommodate personal

For 2004, we have renamed the Wildfire Royalex the "Yellowstone
Solo." This reflects its re-classification into our new "River
Touring Series." It joins this series along with two other
Royalex canoes we're introducing: the Yellowstone and Alaskan,
both tandems. Our catalog and website will be updated after
January 1, 2004 to reflect the name change. As has always been
our policy, the catalog and website will carry the statement:
"Specifications are subject to change without prior notice."

Please accept our apologies for the confusion caused in this
matter. We sincerely regret your disappointment and hope the
offer to ship replacement parts directly to you at no charge
will be an amicable solution to your dilemma.


Mark Beckenbach
Customer Service Manager



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