WW Safety & Rescue Training / Chris Brain 27-28 Oct 2014

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WW Safety & Rescue Training / Chris Brain 27-28 Oct 2014

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White Water Safety & Rescue Training with Chris Brain

Date Monday-Tuesday 27-28 October 2014 Based on the Kymijoki River.

Duration 2 days Training -- Language of instruction English _ Finnish -- Course fee 250 euro - including accommodation, breakfast and evening meal.
Course organizer Chris Thompson -- To book a place chris@christhompson.force9.co.uk

This is a British Canoe Union (BCU) course that is all about making you a safer person in the white water environment. It is also a pre-requisite for 4 star canoe and kayak assessments.

Course Description

White Water safety and rescue is all about teaching the tools and techniques to make you a safer, happier and more confident person in and around the white water environment. Chris Brain has vast experienced at running these courses and proficiency at using the techniques for real for his own trips and journeys. This is a hands on course where you get to be a rescuer and a victim so that your awareness and technical knowledge improves side by side.

On this course we look at:
  • Defensive Swimming
  • Aggressive Swimming
  • Rescue Protocols
  • Using all the team
  • Shallow water crossings
  • Reaching rescues
  • Gear Choices
  • Safe paddling and leading
  • Throw line rescues
  • Tensioned Diagonals
  • Foot entrapment
  • Stopper rescues
  • Rope rescues - pulleys and the like
  • Pinned Boats and more

To find out more about Chris Brain visit http://www.chrisbraincoaching.com

For more information about the course please contact Chris Thompson chris@christhompson.force9.co.uk
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